Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

Couple counselling with Olivia Rowlatt

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Are you feeling frustrated, angry, hurt or disappointed
in your relationship? Could couple counselling, marriage guidance or psychosexual therapy help you?

I specialise in

Relationship counselling provides couples with guidance. My office is a safe, warm, welcoming space. Discover different ways of communicating and being together.

Sex therapy helping couples create an enjoyable, satisfying, enriching sex life. Problems with sex and intimacy can provide opportunities for couples to grow together.

Specialist Couple Counselling

Arguing, drifting apart, an affair? Sexual issues? Erection problems, painful sex, loss of desire? For over 16 years I have been a couple counsellor, specializing in sex therapy. I work as psychosexual therapist for the RUH [Royal United Hospital], Bath.

Please contact me. See if I can help with your relationship or sexual issues. Check out COSRT my accrediting body.

The following concerns and many more are helped by couple counselling and sex therapy:

Please feel free to contact me to discuss whether couple counselling can help inyour situation.

Consider the following:

Relationships are challenging. Living intimately with another person means you will have conflict occasionally.

All couples will get stuck at various points in their relationships, because all relationships are going to pose new and difficult challenges at times.

If you want to develop a strong, healthy relationship, you will need to struggle with yourself, in order to figure out how you want to handle the differences, conflicts, and disappointments that are part of being in a relationship.

Stuck points can be painful, but they give you the opportunity to get better at handling the tough parts of relationships and life.

Make positive changes in your relationship now. You don’t need to wait for your partner to change. Changes you make by yourself, for yourself, will impact the relationship.

Relationship and sexual issues are often connected. If you are having sexual difficulties it is also useful to think about how you communicate, and your feelings about relationships.