Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

Find the answers about relationship and psychosexual couple counselling in Bath with Olivia Rowlatt
How many sessions of counselling will I need?
The number of counselling sessions you will need depends on your problem and what you want to get out of the counselling. We will discuss this in your assessment consultation. Some people find even one or two sessions beneficial, others six to ten counselling sessions. Some people I work with for a year or two. The mechanics of having sex. Perhaps experiencing pain or penetration or difficulty in orgasm. May be rapid or delayed ejaculation, or difficulty maintaining an erection is an issue.
What is the difference between relationship and psychosexual counselling?

In relationship counselling communication is important. How you deal with issues such as money, parenting, household chores together are explored. How you maintain a sense of self in the relationship is considered. Relationship counselling requires a systemic, interpersonal counselling approach.

In sex therapy the self and relationship are examined from a sexual perspective. Psychosexual counselling generally takes a more directive, cognitive behavioural [CBT] approach.

There is overlap between the work of relationship and psychosexual therapy. I also draw on psychodynamic, person-centred and gestalt theory, and others, for both. Please contact me to talk more about my approach. Also contact COSRT to find out more.

Can I come to relationship and/or psychosexual counselling by myself?
It is fine to come to relationship or psychosexual counselling by yourself. Changes you make in yourself will affect your relationship. In some situations it can be helpful to work on a sexual issue alone.
If we come as a couple will we attend all sessions together?

If you come to counselling as a couple you will attend most sessions together. There are some situations in both relationship and psychosexual counselling when I might see you individually.

How often are the counselling sessions?
The counselling sessions are often weekly. Together we will decide what frequency of appointment is best for you.
What happens if I need a physical examination for psychosexual counselling?
Psychosexual counselling is a talking therapy. Psychosexual problems can have physical and psychological aspects. I will recommend you go to your GP if you need a physical examination or treatment for the physical aspects of your problem.
How long is each session?

Each session is 50 minutes.

How much notice do I need to give if I need to cancel my session?
Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your counselling session. If you give less than 48 hours notice the full price of the appointment will be charged.
Where does the counselling take place?

The counselling takes place at Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whitehead Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU. Please see my contact  page for the address, map and contact details.

Do I have to arrive punctually for my appointment?
There is no waiting space so you will need to arrive punctually.
Will there be exercises I need to do at home?
There are situations in both psychosexual and relationship counselling when you will need to put time aside to do exercises at home.