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Women really want

find out what women really want. Relationship counselling in Bath helps. Couple therapy can heal sexual issues. Bristol based counselling for couples. Do you have relationship issues. LGBTQ issues addressed in therapy. Marriage guidance close to Trowbridge and Frome. Female sexual issues can be helped by befriending your body course. Address female low desire working in a group.
Ever wondered what women really want from sex?

If so, click here, and read this article from Psychology Today.

Naom Shpancer explores the question of what motivates female sexual desire.

The article considers a variety strands of research. What women really want is discussed from many different angles. The reader is taken on an interesting and illuminating journey. In many ways, the journey is more thought provoking and exciting than the conclusions drawn.

For more on what women [and men] really want, check out Esther Perel. Click here to see her in my blog on intimacy in long-term relationships.

Female sexuality course

As a woman, are you curious about female sexuality? What does it mean for you, in your life? To explore this further, try my course Befriending your body: Understanding female sexuality.

Are sexual issues impacting on your relationship? If so, relationship counselling and psychosexual therapy can help. To find out more phone on 07927 026 299, or email.