Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

About me – Olivia Rowlatt

My name is Olivia Rowlatt. As a relationship and psychosexual therapist, I offer friendly, effective counselling for couples in my comfortable counselling room in central Bath.

I find creative ways forward for couples in difficult situations. Providing warmth and a down to earth attitude helps couples to explore all aspects of themselves, their relationships and their sex lives. 

I was born in London and grew up there as part of a large family. Over the years I have spent my time working, studying, travelling and parenting my three children, with my husband. We have been involved in co-housing for the last 18 years. Meditation is my most recent passion. The common theme in all my activities has been my interest in people and communication.

Why I chose to do relationship

Helping couples and individuals improve communication and have more satisfying sex lives is challenging and rewarding work.

  • Working with the decision-making unit (the couple) can be the most effective way of helping a family.
  • Concentrating on the relationship gives counselling focus.
  • Improving couples understanding of themselves, and each other, helps make the world a better place.

Counselling couples it became apparent how important it is to consider how sex fits into the relationship. I offer relationship counselling, and specialise in working with sexual issues, sex therapy.

My relational and psychosexual approach to couple counselling is unique in my local geographical area.

Past experiences have an effect on how are sexually.

For some people having too little desire can causes difficulties. For others , too much desire is a problem. May be you are struggling with the mechanics of having sex. Perhaps experiences pain on penetration or difficulty in orgasm. May be rapid or delayed ejaculation or difficulties in maintaining an erection is an issue.

Attending the sex therapy session can feel like a huge step to take. It is important to know what to expect from your therapist.


Helping couples and individual improve communication and have more satisfying sex lives is challenging and reward work.

  • Royal United Hospital, Bath – Psychosexual therapist
  • Private practice in Bath – Relationship and psychosexual therapist

Previously I have worked for:

  • Sirona Care [NHS trust] – Psychosexual therapist
  • Aneurin Bevin Health Board [NHS trust] – Psychosexual therapist
  • Relate – Relationship and family counsellor
  • London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy
  • Relate Certificate in Marital and Couple Counselling Theory and Practice
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Therapy
  • BSc[hons] Biological Science
Olivia Rowlatt – Psychosexual Therapist

I am accredited by COSRT. I abide by the COSRT code of ethics, determining good practice for relationship and psychosexual therapy.

It requires that all counselling sessions are private and confidential. I will not share any information from or about you, except in exceptional circumstances (i.e. if I think someone is at risk of serious harm). I discuss my work, on a strictly anonymous basis, with my supervisor to ensure I am providing the best service possible.

Continued Professional
Development (CPD)

I am committed to continually broadening my professional knowledge, understanding and experience. This is required by COSRT. Other trainings

I have undertaken include:

  • EMDR training, EMDR Centre London
  • Mindfulness teacher training, level 1
  • Domestic violence courses
  • Child protection, level 1
  • Transactional analysis workshop
  • Family constellations experience
  • Introduction to art therapy
  • Introduction to dance movement psychotherapy

Please contact me for a chat about how I work at Olivia Rowlatt, and how it can help you.