Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

Lasting relationships

Creating lasting relationships

  • Creating lasting relationships is not easy.
  • Lasting relationships result from many factors.
  • How can you create a lasting relationship?

Psychologist of 40 years, John Gottman, has been researching this question. Click here for his article in Business Insider, read by 24 million

 Communication and relationships

For lasting relationships talk more. Couple counselling helps with relationship issues. Talking about sexual problems is useful. Couple therapy in Bath and Bristol. Psychosexual counselling trowbridge and Frome. LGBT issues explored. Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transexual friendly therapy. Go out more. Stay in. Have fun. Be together. Try the cinema. Go for walks. Run together. Support each other.

Communication plays a big part in how people feel about each other. Gottman found 2 traits that contribute to lasting relationships. These are kindness and generosity. This answer is deceptively simple. Despite it’s simplicity there is some  truth to Gottman’s answer. However, acheiving kindness and generosity is not entirely straight forward. For more on this see the article.

There are many different aspects to the way people interact. People learn about communication from observation, experience and education. Factors, like stress, tiredness and ill-health, make a difference. In relationship therapy communication can be explored.

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