Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

Female Sexuality

Find out about female sexuality.

Read new book by Emily Nagoski.
Come as you are: The surprising new science that will transform your sex life.

Check out this youtube book review.

Come as you are is an exploration of how female sexuality works. It is based on research and brain science.

First lesson: Every woman has her own unique sexuality. A bit like a fingerprint. Women vary in all aspects of sexuality:

Genitals are made of the same parts. Just organised in different ways. No two alike.

Each body responds differently to the sexual world.

It is not possible to judge based on the experiences others. Women vary, and that’s normal.

Second lesson: Sex happens in a context. Research shows that female sexuality has sexual brakes and sexual accelerators. The stresses of everyday life influence a woman’s arousal, desire, and orgasm.

Third lesson: Not everyone experiences spontaneous desire. Some only experience reactive desire. Some experience both. All of this is normal.

Fourth lesson: You can have a better relationship with your body. Love your body. Accept it how it is now. Your sexual satisfaction will increase.

Stress, mood, trust, and body image are not peripheral factors. They are central to a woman’s sexual wellbeing.

Understand these factors, and how to influence them. You can create for yourself better sex.

Psychosexual counselling can be useful. It is a good place to explore these ideas further.

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