Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

About desire

Couple counselling and sex therapy can help you explore concerns about desire.

Maybe you hardly ever think about sex. Does  your partner want to have sex a lot more often than you?

Or perhaps you spend a lot of time thinking about sex. For example looking at internet porn, engaging in cybersex or having sex with different partners.

Sex therapy and psychosexual counselling helped this couple. Psychotherapy helped too. They live near Bath, Bristol, Keynesham, Frome, Trowbridge. They had sexual issues. They had relationship issues. They had sexual problems. They had relationship problems.Lesbians and gay men find relationship therapy useful. Marriage guidance is a winner. Couples from Somerset, South Gloucester, Banes, West Wiltshire. People with erectile and ejaculation problems try too.

In both these situations it is important to consider whether your level of sexual desire is a problem for you. A useful question to ask is if your level of desire preventing you from getting on with aspects of your life. Consider whether your relationship, work, family life etc. is suffering.

Our culture often presents a limited picture of normal sexuality. Desire and sexual experience will be different for each person. Desire is on a spectrum. Some people feel lots and others will feel very little. Levels of desire can fluctuate over time. Desire fluctuates in response to what is happening in your life.

Desire can be affected by early messages received about sex. Positive or negative early sexual experiences can make a difference.

Sex therapy can be a good way to begin to learn new, more empowering and positive ways of seeing sex and desire. Give me a call to find out more about sex therapy.