Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)


Can you rebuild your relationship after an affair?

If your partner has been unfaithful, your world has been turned upside down.
You feel hurt and angry.
You might wonder whether your life together has been a lie.
Will you ever be able to trust your partner again?
infidelity hurts relationships. Couple counselling can help. Sex therapy is helpful. Bath relationship therapy works with affairs. How do you fix your relationship after an affair? Both partners need to attend marriage counselling or guidance. Infidelity can be a one night stand. Infidelity can be an affair lasting years.

If you have had an affair, you may not be sure how you ended up being unfaithful.
You feel terrible for hurting your partner.
You might want to put the infidelity behind you instead of talking about it so much.
How can you find a way forward?

Couple counselling can help you consider these questions:

      • Why did it happen?
      • Once the love and trust are gone, can we ever get them back?
      • Can I… should I… recommit when I feel so ambivalent?
      • How do we become sexually intimate again?
      • Is forgiveness possible?
      • What constitutes an affair in cyberspace?
      • Do we have a future together?

Couple counselling provides a neutral space to talk through what you both want.

After an infidelity it is possible to create a relationship that is stronger and richer than before.

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