Olivia Rowlatt

Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT Accredited)

Resurrecting sex

Couple counselling can help resurrecting sex after the stress of christmas. Bath, Bristol, Trowbridge, Frome, Melksham couples sort out relationship issues. Their sex lives get better. lgbt couples and marriages seek therapy.After the stress of Christmas, resurrecting sex could transform your relationship!

Reasons why sex can be so great for you and your relationship:

  1. Exciting, enjoyable and relaxing.
  2. Creating a sense of togetherness.
  3. Increasing intimacy in your relationship.
  4. Making you feel good and look good.

Factors to consider when resurrecting sex:

  • If your sex life is in trouble it is worth exploring whether there are other issues in your relationship. Sometimes communication is a struggle too.
  • Loss of libido can be about a resentment, or a pervading sense of unhappiness with the relationship itself.
  • How much do you and your partner talk about sex? What do you like? What do you fantasise about?
  • Sex can be many things. To keep your sex life vibrant it helps if sex is fun. Introduce play into your sex life.
  • Having good sex is not about looking good.
  • If you are angry with your partner you may not feel like having sex with them.
  • Let go of control!
  • Things that distract you from sex need to be considered. Sometimes something as straight forward as hygiene can make a big difference. The key is to say it in love… and to be open to hearing feedback about yourself too.

Has your sex life has become stale and boring?  Do you very rarely have sex? In these situations relationship or psychosexual counselling could help.

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Perhaps your difficulty resurrecting sex has a physical element. This could include difficulty getting an erection or vaginal pain. In these situations it is worth seeing your GP or an appropriate medical expert such as a urologist or gynaecologist.